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Our services include

Implementation of building information modeling in projects

We utilize the most specialized individuals to implement building information modeling methods in projects, which is one of our top specialties. Our company, as a member of the board of directors of the Building Information Modeling Practical Association and the professional guild of this method, has the ability to implement the method to the fullest extent possible.

Organizational implementation and training

Our team, with the most experienced individuals in organizational implementation of BIM, can assist your company in transitioning from traditional methods to a modern system.

Strategic management

The main objective of preparing a strategic plan is to have a precise and controlled plan to achieve long-term goals. This document helps the company to make the best use of its resources and compete with its rivals. Without developing this plan, it is practically impossible to achieve access to the BIM method.

Construction and contract management

Utilizing designers, supervisors, and senior managers with extensive executive and management experience has enabled us to achieve great accomplishments in many projects as construction managers. On the other hand, benefiting from the building information modeling method as a revolution in this industry has made us one of the pioneers of this method.

Designing construction projects

Our team has the ability to support the entire project lifecycle from preliminary studies to operation and demolition in order to achieve IPD or integrated building information modeling management. Therefore, the most powerful designers, along with the construction and implementation management team and modeling team with approval from relevant authorities, are working in our team.

Organizational engineering

By developing organizational processes and re-engineering these processes, it is possible to achieve top BIM goals in Mahya Company. Building information modeling is not just software, but a process. Therefore, changing the process of each company with an approach to reducing resistance to change is the only way to properly implement this method.

Why choose us?

The first BIM company in Iran

Our company started its activity as a technology-based company in 2013 at Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran, pioneering in the field of building information modeling.

Membership in the board of directors of the professional and scientific association of building information modeling.

We are the only official member of the board of directors in both the professional and scientific associations of building information modeling. Members of our company have the ability to provide certificates to companies with similar activities.

Using the approved price of the employer’s guild

Our organization’s competitive advantage lies in our ability to offer a reasonable price while ensuring the achievement of building information modeling goals. This price has been approved by the employer’s guild and has been verified by relevant authorities.

Our team provides support throughout the entire project lifecycle.

We won’t leave you alone until the end of your project lifecycle.

A decade of executive experience in building information modeling.

We have been active in building information modeling for more than a decade in various industrial, medical, and residential (commercial-administrative) projects. As a result of this experience, our team has been recognized as a leader in this field, and we can guarantee the results of our work.


The use of exclusive BIM Base software developed in our company has made it possible to not only import a powerful technology to our country but also to customize it to our national organizational culture. The existence of these software allows us to perform activities with maximum speed and precision.

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